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GB2CRF - Falklands 30th Anniversary

Special Event station GB2CRF ('Clansman Radio Falklands') will be operated by the Felixstowe & District Amateur Radio Society on Sunday 6th May.

The station will be run from the Suffolk Aviation Heritage Society's (SAHS) museum at the former RAF Foxhall Heath in support of the SAHS's "Falklands 30th Anniversary" event.

GB2CRF will be on air from 11am until 4pm on the HF bands, 4m and 6m. HF frequencies will be determined by conditions on the day although they are likely to include 3.615MHz AM and 7.1875MHz USB at some point during the day. The group also will monitor 51.75MHz on 6m FM and 70.475MHz on 4m FM and would welcome HF spots called in on those frequencies (as the Clansman HF sets have frequency setting switches and it is quite slow to tune the bands).

They will operate both a base and a field station on the museum site.

The base station is expected to have an RT322 250-watt base station using the RAF Foxhall heath masts and a pair of RT353 VHF transceivers using ground spike antennas for 4m and 6m.
The field station is expected to have an RT320 HF and a RT352 VHF radio using Clansman field antennas. Depending on the space available other 1982 radio and telephone equipment may be on display as well.

A special QSL card will be available via the RSGB Bureau to stations working GB2CRF on the 6th of May.

Further details and current operating frequencies on the day from Iain G0OZS on 07850 424 007


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