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Page last updated on: Thursday, March 15, 2012
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BBC highlight problems with PLT

In a response to the EU Radio Spectrum Policy Group (RSPG) the BBC point out the radio interference problems caused by PLC systems which are also known as PLT or BPL.

The BBC say "these systems can not only cause problems for broadcast radio services but to broadcast television and to all other radiocommunication services operating in the bands where interference might be generated. Additionally PLC also poses a threat to conventional broadband telecommunication services".

The BBC's specific concerns are:

- LF mains signalling systems are proposing to use PLC technology and extend the present band above 150 kHz to 540 kHz. In Europe this will impact LW and some MW broadcasting services.

- Present PLC systems are using all the HF bands, and have to notch out certain frequencies to reduce interference to services such as amateur radio. There are technical difficulties regarding the notch depth, but despite this there are proposals for a higher power levels to enable reduce operational costs. The widespread use of PLC for SmartGrid may prevent the rollout of the planned DRM services. Permanent notching of the Broadcast bands is not considered practical, and there is some opposition to using an active dynamic notching technology.

- There are serious concerns that PLC will adversely affect Band II services. It is noted that the FCC have limited PLC3 to below 80 MHz in order to protect Band II services. Many Band II receivers have inadequate out of band response performance to protect against PLC in nearby bands. Similarly Aeronautical services in the VHF band need protection. There is nothing that receivers(broadcasting, aeronautical, etc) can do to reject in-band interference from PLC and little that can be done to existing receivers to reject adjacent channel PLC.

- There have been some reports of PLC interfering with DAB (in Band III) services; however products operating in the VHF spectrum are at present limited – possibly by the desire for them to be marketable in the USA.

Read the full BBC response (PLT is in Annex 1) at

European Commission - Radio Spectrum Policy Group (RSPG)

UKQRM is a group fighting PLT interference. Join the Yahoo group at



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